For a more in depth documentation, you should check the comments from the protobuf file.


Used to translate a symbol from a specific symbol source to the internal instrument id.

Supported symbol sources

  • QST

  • CVS - only for QST internal use.

Request example

const payload = {
  request_id: 1,
  translate_instrument_symbol: {
    symbol_source: 1,
    instrument_symbols: [ "ESZ20", "ESZ21"]



If the client specified at least one symbol, the server will respond with a TranslateInstrumentSymbolResponse. This message will contain a repeated group of TranslateInstrumentSymbolRecord messages that may contain the translated instrument or an error message(if the server couldn’t translate the symbol).


If the client didn’t specify the symbol source or at least one symbol, the server will respond with an ErrorMessage with the following error message:

  • Unsuported Symbol Source.

  • No symbols were sent.