For a more in depth documentation, you should check the comments from the protobuf file.


Used to translates one product symbol into product ID.

Supported symbol sources

  • QST

  • CVS - only for QST internal use.

Request example

const payload = {
  request_id: 4,
    symbol_source:  1, // QST
    request_records: [
      product_symbol: "ES",
      product_type_id: 2,
      strategy_type: "GN" // strategy type is optional.


The server will respond with a TranslateProductSymbolResponse. This message will contain a repeated group of TranslateProductSymbolResponseRecord messages. It may contain the product_ids list or an error message. If the client didn’t specify an valid product symbol and product type id the error message will be: Couldn’t translate the product symbol..