For a more in depth documentation, you should check the comments from the protobuf file.


Used to usubscribe from a instrument, after a SubscribeQuoteRequest.


  • To unsubscribe the client from an instrument, the usubscribe types for an instrument should match the ones that were sent in the SubscribeQuoteRequest.

  • The client can send multiple UnsubscribeQuoteRequest for different subtypes and it will unsubscribe from all of them.

  • If the client sends multiple QuoteUnsubscribeRecord for the same instrument, in the same UnsubscribeQuoteRequest we will unsubscribe from the sum of those subtypes combined.

Request example

const payload = {
  request_id: 1,
  unsubscribe_quote: {
    quote_unsubscribe_records: [{
      instrument_id: 1,
      unsubscribe_types: [0,1, 2]



The server will respond with a UnsubscribeQuoteResponse.


The server will respond with an ErrorMessageResponse with the following error message:

  • Couldn’t detect any valid record to unsubscribe from. - The request is empty or contains only instruments that the user isn’t subscribed to or contains only instruments that are invalid.

  • Succesfully unsubscribed from instruments, for some a problem showed up. - The request contains valid instruments that the user is subscribed to, but also some invalid instruments or instruments that the client isn’t subscribed to.