Real-Time, Really, Standalone or-
better yet-combined with QST and
QOR for the ultimate STP stack

QBO system offers software that revolutionizes the back office function. Traditional “batch processing” is replaced with real-time applications

While other back office systems using end-of-day processing require downtime, QBO eliminates this need by processing in real-time

QBO integrates seamlessly with our front-end trading platform

Taking advantage of a common data set is one of the reasons that QBO is changing the way the industry views the back office.

Our competition has attempted to match our front-to-back integration by acquiring separate firms that offered one piece of the puzzle. Because we designed and built all of our of application stack ourselves from scratch, we offer an unprecedented level of integration that is simply impossible for other purported STP vendors to achieve.

Common database from front through back office

Real-time commission and fees are visible in back office as well as front-ends 

Real-time cash deposits and withdrawals automatically propagate to front-ends if configured

Fully synchronous with our order routing engine, QOR

Run mark-to-market statements anytime

Real-time margins and buying power

API integration with onboarding portal, cash transactions, general ledger, and more

QBO is part of the QST solutions suite

QBO integrates seamlessly with our front-end trading platform and OMS

QST Client Portal

QBO also offers an optional add-on called The QST Client Portal. Through this portal, new account onboarding can be fully automated and access can be given to clients to view their current account status, retrieve statements, and access tax documents