QST Client Portal is an optional add-on to QBO that assists with Client Account Inquiries

Clients can view their current account status, retrieve statements, and access tax documents

Ownership Info & Trading Accounts

Access to ownership info is available together with editing options

The list of accounts that the user has access to,  Account #, Date opened, Default currency and much more are available under QST Client Portal

Balance Overview

Balance information is displayed for a particular business date allowing an accurate inspection of fees, balances, profits & margins for each account

Column configuration is available for a customizable data display

Funds Info with Transfers and Cashflow History

Information about the cashflow for any given date interval, amount & currency as well as transaction notes is available at any time

Funds can be transferred between trading accounts

Balance types can be selected and automatic conversion between them is available


Transactions for a given trading account can be visualized and filtered by different criteria: date range and/or symbol

We offer an unprecedented front-to-back integration, possible due to seamless incorporation of QBO and front-end trading platforms

Open Positions

Open positions can be examined for a specific trading account. A business date or/and a symbol can be applied as a filtering criteria

For the optimal experience, trade with our order routing engine, QOR and view your reports on QST Client Portal


Filter Reports

Daily/monthly/yearly statements for the current business date or any previous business date are available in dedicated reports

Statements can be filtered by trading account and visualized in the browser

Report files can be downloaded individually or downloaded in bulk as an archive

User Friendly on Mobile 

QST Client Portal has an adaptive layout for an optimized design on mobile devices

Data about Transactions, Balance Overview, Open Positions and much more can be exported as CSV

QST Client Portal is an add-on to QBO

QST offers a complete suite of multi-asset trading technology solutions including our flagship QST trading platform to manage the entire trading life cycle.